Lo and behold, it’s just been a quarter into the new year; yet it has been already taking a huge toll on our senses and drives with all the tasks and deliverables. Fear not! Here’s a list of songs to inspire you to step-by-step fulfill your dreams and aspirations. As we celebrate Women’s Month, listen to songs written by women and let the power of their uplifting and empowering music bring you back to life. 

  1. Who Says – Selena Gomez (Uplifting Pop) 2011, 3:21

Cheer up! Get to know and embrace your own unique identity with this bright and positive millennial track. Lesson learned: Don’t waste time trying to become your ‘desired’ self; instead, accept your flaws and, hey! Don’t you think it sets us apart from others? “Who says” you can’t be happy despite your flaws?

  1. Beautiful – Christina Aguilera (Ballad Pop) 2002, 3:59

Allow the melodious rhythms and soulful tune of this empowering song to uplift your troubled hearts and renew your confidence in the face of your doubts and insecurities. “Don’t let those words bring you down” because you are a strong, confident, and dedicated individual!

  1. Fight Song – Rachel Platten (Powerful Pop) 2015, 3:25

Ponder on the meaningful lyrics, “And I don’t really care if nobody else believes, ’cause I’ve still got a lot of fight left in me,” and you’ll realize that even if you think you’ve reached your limit, believing and loving yourself will show that you can go even further. So, keep reaching new heights and upping your game! “You may only have one match, but you can make an explosion!” 

  1. Woman – Doja Cat (Afrobeat Pop) 2021, 2:52

Doja cat’s song Woman from her third studio album (Planet Her) is about divine femininity that features powerful and fun beats and rhythms and an addicting chorus. It demonstrates that women can truly choose who they want to be with and that they do not have to love someone. The lyrics depict a woman sensing affection for the person she loves.

  1. Run the World – Beyonce (R&B) 2011, 3:56 

A song with a catchy phrase and a movement rather than a beat to dance to in the shower. Empowering women all over the world with the line that has been famous for over a decade. Beyonce’s lyrics held women accountable for their actions, inspiring them with fierce confidence to truly rule the world.

  1. Salute – Little Mix (Synth-Pop) 2013, 3:56 

With the celebration of Women’s Month, there could be no better choice than the song Salute by the pop group Little Mix, which features a collection of proud beats, melody, and harmony. Representation, freedom, and expression—proponents of empowerment are expressed in this 2013 classic, which also displays nostalgia for the era.

  1. The Greatest – Sia (Pop) 2016, 3:30 

Discover your true potential and be the greatest as you jam to this song by Sia. It’s alright to take a break from time to time, but it’s best to never give up on yourself and your aspirations. Do your best to use that hidden stamina and rise to the top with your creative ideas, strong qualities, and ignited passion. 

  1. Hit me with your Best Shot – Pat Benatar (Rock) 1980, 2:51

Fearless. Undaunted. This song expresses a variety of ideas, including the courage to get back up after being knocked down. When the world hits us hard, we just have to hit harder and better. Be inspired by Pat Benatar’s spot-on tunes and wonderful composition in this empowered rock song.

  1. Beautiful – Carole King (Folk) 1971, 3:06

“You’re gonna find, yes you will; that you’re beautiful as you feel.”  Get out there and shoot for the moon. Sometimes validation comes from within your own self and character rather than from others. This song reminds us that, besides following our hearts toward our passions, simply waking up with a smile on our faces is enough optimism and enkindled hope.

  1. Soon You’ll Get Better – Taylor Swift (Pop) 2019, 3:21

Rest your troubled soul, forget your worries, and take a break from life’s hustle and bustle. Listen to this soothing pop song by Taylor Swift and be reminded that there is no race to see how quickly you can get up after a blow. Recovery is a continuous process, not a one time event. Padayon!

If you want to listen to these songs, Check out Spotify Playlist with this Link:

Article by Mark Nelson Calisura, and Gabriel Louie Alejo
Layout by Apple Jorece Mijares

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