Maristas have once again brought pride to the Marist community as selected senior high school students landed second in the 2022 Catalyze Case Development Competition that concluded last Saturday, March 12. 

Spearheading the group are students from Grade 12 with its members, Adela Camposano (STEM), Napoleon Dela Cruz (ABM), Sophia Linguis (STEM), Aladdin Pasco (ABM), and Danielle Marie Santos (STEM). 

Alongside the group is the auxiliary team who had been with them during the whole competition. Members were Laurence Alfonso (STEM), Justin Ayuste (STEM), Karl Rakeeh Baldovino (ABM), Axel Barrameda (STEM), Mikaella Reyes (ABM), and Elleona Suarez (STEM).

Acting as mentors of the group are Ms. Shellah Marie Tabayoyong, Mrs. Desiree Catalan, and Mr. Roldann Tabayoyong.

The competition—organized by the Ateneo Management of Applied Chemistry Competition (MACA)—aims to provide a platform for students to apply their knowledge in different fields by developing products that will address the problem faced by the partner community of the competition.

For this year’s competition, the group had created a four-phase proposal entitled “PayaTAAS Brickyanihan: Rebuilding the Community One Quarter at a Time” that aims to design an eco brick made out of wastes found in the vicinity of Payatas Forestry Area in Quezon City. 

According to the participants, the proposal would help address the problems of waste management and lack of livelihood that negatively affect the community. 

This is not the first time that the school has been recognized in the competition. Participants from Marist School had also placed second in the competition last year and first in 2020. Matthew Perez // Ateneo MACA Catalyze

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