On Wednesday, October 13, Marist School had implemented an examination simulation to give Maristas a glimpse of what it would be like to take the virtual examinations.

The online learning setup has invited the school’s administrators, personnels, and students for exciting changes as various online protocols were needed to be observed and practiced in this learning modality. 

One of the problems that were highlighted among these changes was the implementation of quarterly examinations. In an academic setting, it is essential in assessing the students’ understanding of the lessons that were taught in each quarter. However, the practicality and feasibility of implementing the exams remain a question at hand since it is vital that academic honesty be upheld.

Despite it being a big change in an online learning setup, Marist School responded to the challenge and implemented ways on how this can become a possibility through Marist VIOLETS. As a result, the school had decided to conduct, for the first time, its virtual Quarterly Examinations for School Year 2021-2022. 

During the simulation which took place days before the 1st Quarterly Examinations, students were introduced to the protocols during the virtual assembly that took place in respective clusters. 

Students were asked to answer the exam in 40 minutes while following other guidelines such as muting microphones, switching on cameras, and removing headphones to help in the practice of academic honesty. The test that was given to students was considered a quiz in one core subject.

Synchronous classes were suspended during the day of the simulation in order to help students focus on the quiz. Isaiah Salalila

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